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"Bless be the Tie"

that binds our hearts in FRATERNAL LOVE

"Bless be the Tie" is a very striking and "different" Eastern Star pin. I chose a very old retro design for the bow and fashioned it after one of my mother's favorite pieces of jewelry. It is retro to the 1940's. Mother wore it on her winter coat. I was born during the winter of 1942. It was a time of war and discontent in the world. Our country was deeply involved in World War II. Our men and boys were dying on foreign soil in the name of PEACE. Also, during the 40's and 50's Eastern Star was at its peak in membership.

During the war years Adolph Hitler was Chancellor of Germany. His hatred led to the persecution and death of many people. As early as 1934 the German Masonic Lodges were in danger. Hitler ordered the SS Troops to close down the Masonic Temples. The men were not allowed to wear any visible signs showing their Masonic membership. Many of the German Lodges gathered together the regalia from their Temples and went 'underground' for the duration of the war. The Temples were ruined by the SS troops. German Masons adopted a tiny little flower, "the Forget-me-not" Das Vergissmeinnicht as a substitute for the Square & Compasses. Small and inconspicuous- they wore it to keep the great light of their teachings burning bright till the day when they could reopen their Temples. In 1948 the pin was adopted as an official Masonic emblem of Freemasonry in honor of the thousands of brave Brothers who carried on their Masonic work under these horrific conditions. It remains today the official emblem of the Grand Lodge of Germany.

The Millennium Star was the pin that showed the world we as Eastern Stars are modern women of the 21st Century. It was that star that led us into the New Millennium. I am indeed proud that the light from our "Millennium Star" has spread all over our Eastern Star world. The second pin "Happy Star" was the pin that explained what a wonderful organization the Order of the Eastern Star is and the good work we try to do. Now the final pin "Bless Be the Tie" is the pin that binds us together into one fraternal family. There are similarities between the pins. Every star on each pin has one point down. Every stone that we used was made by Swarovski Crystal of Wattens Austria. The crystals sparkle like the stars at night. Each pin has the same star point emblems to remind us of the star point lectures.

If we could fashion our own lives after the lessons taught to us by our heroines, wouldn't we be wonderful women? The virtues brought to mind by each emblem will never change or fade away. They represent women who were courageous, strong, loving, true and faithful. Whenever we see these precious emblems we recall the merits of our heroines, who were altogether lovely.

Just as in the other two pins I tucked in a "little secret" if you look closely under the star you will find a tiny little forget-me-not flower. That flower is in honor of the brave Masons in Germany who kept the "light of Masonry burning bright" in a world of darkness.

Originally all of the fraternal organizations for women required affiliation to a Master Mason for membership. That affiliation was daughter, widow, wife, sister or mother of a Mason. Without affiliation a woman could not join The Order of the Eastern Star, Order of the Amaranth, Daughters of the Nile, White Shrine and many others. Thus it is the Masonic membership that is the "FRATERNAL TIE" that binds us all together in "FRATERNAL LOVE". The little forget-me-not flower is to say "thank-you" to the Masons in our lives for giving us the affiliation which allows us to belong to any or all of these beautiful organizations.

This is the final pin of this series. Many Sisters have asked why (?) I'm only designing 3 pins. The number 3 is a magical, mystical number. All of our Eastern Star signs are given in 3 distinct motions. All of the responses to the signs are given in 3 words. The triangle (a 3 sided figure) is one of the central formations during the Initiation Ceremony. The holy divine Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Ghost. The 3 Kings brought gifts to the baby Jesus. Peter denied the Lord 3 times. There were 3 crosses on Calvary's hill. In grammar we speak of me, myself and I. There are 3 major divisions of time, past, present and future. In our folk stories we learned about the 3 little pigs, Goldilocks and the 3 bears, the Genie's 3 wishes. And of course our very own letters -


'Bless Be The Tie' is available in your choice of either Antique gold (as shown above) or Antique Silver. The pin is 2 3/4" wide. It comes ready gift boxed along with the 'story of the pin'.

'Bless Be The Tie' is $50. each

The pins are also available for fundraising. We know that when you wear your beautiful bow pin to chapter your friends are going to ask you 'where did you get that?' When you tell them the story of the pin we're sure they're going to want one too. For every 6 pins you order we'll give you 1 pin FREE. You can mix the 3 pins in any way you want to make 6. You can use the FREE pin to sell, as a gift, as a prize and the profit you'll make can go to your Ways & Means Committee.

Order yours today!

Fraternal love and lots of 'Angel kisses'

Sara & Mercer Quinby