Canes and Walking Sticks

Our beautiful canes are hand made by a very talented craftsman in West Virginia.  He uses on the
finest hard woods to make these beautiful canes.  All canes are made of solid wood and are
available with your choice of fraternal emblem embedded in the acrylic coating.


 Call to special order our canes and walking sticks.


Tubal Cane

Figure 1 Figure 2
Easily identified by all Master Masons.  Available in your choice of either maple or walnut with a brass Eagle hand grip (figure 1) or carved wood handle (figure 2)
Figure 3 Figure 4
Close-ups illustrate the brass Eagle head hand grip (figure 3) and the "two Balls" inside the cane (figure 4).
Eastern Star Cane
Figure A Figure B Figure C
Beautifully crafted in hard woods, our Eastern Star cane features a very sparkly insert
of our five OES colors set in a pentagon.