We are proud to announce our brand NEW creation


‘Son Shine of His Love’


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The most beautiful pin ever made for our Eastern Star sisters, ‘Son Shine of His Love’. Created by Sara and made especially for the Happy Glass Company by Kirks Folly of Rhode Island, ‘Son Shine of His Love’ represents our Father’s love for the world when He sent His only Son to earth to suffer and die for me, and for you. 


‘Son Shine of His Love’, has been designed so each Eastern star member will recall the beautiful teachings of our Order. The center of the pin, beautiful carved crystal quartz imported from Austria reminds us of the effulgent sun. It admonishes us that the principles of our Order should shine every day in our daily lives. The star point precious emblems are represented on each of the points radiating from the sun.  Three beautiful Austrian crystals surround each emblem. They call to mind the three movements of each sign, and the three words in each pass. Alternating rays of the sun each contain five crystals which represent the five beautiful heroines of our Order who teach us lessons that help to make us become better women.


Each pin comes on a gift card, ready to give as either a gift to a very special sister or to wear yourself. The inside of the card is left blank, so you may add your own personal greeting. This  versatile pin may also be worn on a chain or ribbon as a pendant.  It is available in your choice of either shiny gold or shiny silver.


The verse on each card is printed on a beautiful rendition of a stained glass window.  The artist has pictured our Lord with His arms open wide ready to enfold them around each of us, and brilliant rays of the sun shining on Him from above.    This window represents my love and dedication to my art of stained glass, and the name ‘Happy Glass’.



It is my hope that when you wear the pin, you will not only show your love for our Order, but that you will always


‘Open up your heart and let His Son Shine in'



The Lord above sent His Son to earth,

The star in the East proclaimed His birth.


His Son shines in the sky so blue,

It shines on me, and it shines on you.


His Son shines in my heart today,

To brighten my life, and show me His way.


Just as rainbows follow a storm,

God’s Son shines to keep us warm.


Father God, to you I pray,

That I may walk every day,

Feeling Your Son shine on my face,

Feeling your love,

Feeling your grace.


Price: $60. each