Eastern Star
Supplies and Gifts

Many of our pins are original in design and verse by Sara.  Having served the Grand Chapter of Pennsylvania in many capacities (Worthy Matron 2X, Page, District Deputy, Past Grand Esther, Grand Representative, Elected Committee Member, Appointed Committee Member, and General Grand Chapter Appointment as an 'Angel in Disguise'), Sara is mindful of the needs and wants of our members.
These pins all com gift-carded in small plastic bags. 
Sara calls them -

Instant Gifts - Ready to Give Anytime and Anywhere to Anybody!


Cut-out Star
$5. each

Star in Wreath
$5. each

Masonic/OES Membership $5. ea Gavel Pin
$5. each

OES Member
$5. each

Masonic Emblem with Banner $5. ea Masonic Emblem
$5. each
Boaz Column
$5. each
Past Matron Pin
 $5. each
Past Matron Charm
 $5. ea
Past Patron Pin
$5. each
Large 25 & 50 yr. pins - $8. each
50 year pin in
 wreath - $5. each
25 year pin in
wreath - $5.
25 year pin with banner  - $5. each  50 year pin with banner - $5. each
Bell of Freedom
$5. each
Nativity Pin
$5. each
Happi Bee
$5. each 
$5. each
Gentle Shepherd
 $5. each 
O.E.S. Umbrella Pin   $5. each Grandfather's Clock
$5. each
Little Bluebird
$5. each 

$5. each
OES and Amaranth
$5. each
Little Angel
$5. each
Guardian Angel
$5. each
O.E.S. Turtle  - $5. each O.E.S. Cancer Pin - $5. each Angel over OES Star
 $7. each 
Kneeling Angel
$5. each


Temporary TATOOS

That’s right, you saw it here first! FUN to wear! Put them anywhere - arms, legs, shoulders – HAVE FUN!  Easy on and easy off. I had mine on my leg  for 3 weeks before  I removed it.  It looks soooo  real.

$1. each



"Happy Glass ANGELS"

In loving memory of our daughter
Kim Marie Quinby
who became my 'angel' on April 4, 2000

God gave me a special Angel,

and I know it's so,
She's always with me

wherever I go.
My Kimmie brings me joy and love,
And showers of blessings from above.

Easter Star
 Special Angel Pin

Sparkling stones set in the wings and colored stones in the star give this little pin a lot of ˜dazzle". Your choice of silver or gold tone.

$12. each



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