Millennium Star

The first star in the "Easter Star Trilogy".

The Millennium Star represents our 'story'. It says "Here we are world! We are modern women of the 21st century! We set our principles according to the lessons taught by the Star points of our Order. We are part of this new Millennium".

Millennium Star Pin
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The story of the Star

Designed by Sara Quinby and made for Happy Glass by Kirks Folly Jewelry Co., the "Millennium Star" embodies the teachings of our beautiful Order. It symbolizes the PAST, the PRESENT, and the FUTURE. The Past reminds us of 'old friends, good times and things that used to be'. As women of the 21st century, we should let the light from our STAR guide our footsteps to the Future. Our heritage is found in the lessons of the heroines of our Order. The lovely star point charms that sparkle and dangle amid channel set crystals remind us of those lessons. Available in your choice of either gold or silver tone. Gift boxed.

Complete Story & History of the Millennium Star

I wished upon a star and my dream came true. The Millennium Star is now a reality. Something new! Something different! A pin for all to wear and enjoy. A piece of jewelry that will be admired by everyone who sees it - But star members will recognize the "secret of the star".

The star in the background is an old-fashioned filigree star. It represents the Past, happy times, old friends who have passed on, and things that "used to be". In 1969, I served as the Worthy Matron of Signet Chapter #129, OES in Philadelphia, PA. I was 27 years old at the time. I dearly loved all the sisters of my chapter who I lovingly called my "little blue haired ladies". I enjoyed hearing them talk to the good times they had at convention when they were Worthy Matron, how they worked together on Ways & Means projects, but most of all the Fun they had together. I can still hear them say, "it's not the way it used to be!".

Today, I'm one of those little blue-haired ladies and I look back with a few tears in my eyes when I think of all the sisters of my chapter who are no longer with us. Among them my own dear Mother, my Mother-in-law, my Sister, Grandmother and so many friends. But, I have every confidence in the lessons I've learned from teh teachings of our star and I know that someday we'll be together again. This pin is lovingly dedicated to the memory of all of those Sisters.

The front of the Star is a modern stylish Star. It represents the Future. It is edged in Swarovski crystals of the finest quality. The large stone in the center represents the light that shines from our beautiful Eastern star that will guide us into the 21st century. I like to think that we are all women of the new century. As we stand on the threshold of this new millennium, we should all renew our enthusiasm for our Order so that our light will shine, just as bright as this pin and others will see our light.

The hidden secret of the Star is found in the emblems of our starpoints. We think of the 'first' point we held, or our Initiation night. The sward and veil represent Adah's fidelity to her convictions. The sheaf of wheat reminds us of the young widow Ruth Queen Esther and one of the most touching love stories of all time. I chose to honor the Esther charm with an extra special crystal. In 1980, I had the pleasure of serving as Grand Esther of Pennsylvania. That year was a highlight of my Eastern Star life. Esther will always be special to me. And, could the cup represent any other than Electa, the mother point of our star? Would we be strong and faithful to our beliefs as Electa was? These lovely emblems represent our Heritage in Eastern Star. They sparkle and dangle and 'catch the light'.

For 70 years, Master Masons in the state of Pennsylvania could not belong to Eastern Star. June 1991, Grand Master Stoner gave Pennsylvania Masons the opportunity to join any fraternal organization which required Masonic affiliation for membership. My husband Mercer joined Signet Chapter as soon as it was possible and we truly became "Two Stars". Look close and you'll see a small star tucked in at the very top of the star pin. That little star is an enhancer, and if you simply clip it onto your favorite chain, presto you can also wear the Millennium Star as a pendant.

On May 1st, 2001, my husband Mercer and I were installed as Worthy Matron and Worthy Patron of Signet Chapter #129 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Our theme for our year was "Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow". At our installation we said we did not want to turn back the pages of time but rather learn from yesterday, so we would be better prepared for today, and look forward to a brighter tomorrow.

Order your own Millennium Star today and put a little 'twinkle' in your life. Wear the Star with pride for our beautiful Order, and let your light shine bright so that everybody can see our good work. With star love and angel hugs, Sara & Mercer Quinby.