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Men's Jewelry - Gifts - Supplies

"It's so nice to have a man around the house," and what do we enjoy doing more than showing our appreciation to the Mason's who serve our organizations.  On this page, you will find a good selection of appropriate gifts for Worth patrons, Installing Officers, and Master Mason Nights.


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Button Covers
Dress up any shirt with Button covers. Choose OES Star, Patron, or Masonic.

$30. set of 5 covers

Shirt Studs
For formal shirts.  Choose Eastern Star, Patron, or Masonic
$30. set of 4 studs


Onyx Tie Bar
Choose OES Star, Patron, or Masonic.
$15. each

Onyx Cuff Links
Use on shirts with 'French-cuffs.'
Choose OES Star, Patron, or Masonic.
$25. for set


Boutonniere Holder
Sunburst Gold Tone
$10. each

Boutonniere Holder
OES in wreath
$10. each


Boutonniere Holder
Eastern Star with colored stones.
$10. each

Boutonniere Holder
Worthy patron / Past Patron
$15. each


Men's Formal Gloves
Washable gloves for Lodge.
Nylon - Large or XL  $10.
Cotton - Large or XL $10

White Suspenders
Metal clip  - $15. pr

‘Braces’ button -       $18. pr


Masonic Ties
100% Polyester.
Choose Black or Navy Blue
$12. each

Clip-on Bow Ties
100% Polyester.
Black only.
$10. each


OES and Rainbow Hankies
Perfect for all our gentlemen. Simply put this in your pocket and wow – an instant folded hankie in all the right colors. Great for ˜Rainbow Dads" too.

$3. each or 2 for $5.

Choice of embroidered emblems: Masonic, Past Master, OES, Patron, Past Patron, or Amaranth.
Regular Size  $30.

Big Boy Size  $35
Cravat Ties
The latest in fashion ties for our gentlemen.
Beautiful hand-made cravat ties to wear with your formal dress shirts. Slip the band under your collar, secure with Velcro tabs. No buttons
or clips. Beautiful embroidered emblems in your choice of Masonic, Patron/Past Patron, Shrine, and Amaranth.
$30. each

Metal Embossed Automobile Emblems
Use on the bumpers or trunk of your car.  Be proud of your Masonic membership.  Easy to apply -- pressure sensitive
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Past Matron Eastern Star O.E.S.  P.A.G.O.
O.E.S. Signet Past Patron Amaranth Amaranth/Diabetes
Daughters of Nile L.O.S. White Shrine 32 degree
Masonic Blue Oval Masonic Black Oval Masonic White Oval Masonic - Red
Masonic - White Past Master - White Past Master - Blue York Rite
Available in any of the above emblems as shown.
$4.00 for one OR 4 emblems for $15.

Automobile Accessories
Be proud of your Masonic membership.  Easy to apply!
Click on any image for a larger view

Tail-light decals

Made of silver grey vinyl. Press these cut-out emblems on the tail lights of your car and when you step on your brake pedal the red will light up the emblem.

$3. each or 2 for $5.



'Das Vergissmeinnicht'
(The Forget-Me-Not)

As early as the year 1934, soon after Hitler's rise to power, it became apparent Freemasonry was in danger. In the same year, the German Grand Lodge of the Sun, realized the imminent problems facing them and elected to wear a little blue flower, the Forget-Me-Not, in lieu of the traditional Square & Compasses, as a mark to identify Masons. It was felt this new symbol would not attract attention from the Nazis who were in the process of confiscating and appropriating Masonic Lodges and property. Masonry had gone underground and it was necessary that the Brethren have some readily recognizable of identification.

Throughout the entire Nazi era, a little blue flower in the lapel marked a Brother. In the concentration Camps and in the cities a little blue Forget-Me-Not distinguished the lapels of those who refused to allow the light of Masonry to be extinguished.

Each tiny blue flower comes carded and poly-bagged and tells the entire story of the 'Forget-Me-Not" flower.

$4. each




Plastic Pocket Protectors

Available in your choice of black or white.
Magnetized to keep your ˜pins" from falling out of
your pocket. Men love these!

$4. each


Men's Neck Ties

Beautiful 100% polyester tie for our gentlemen. 
Lovely embroidered emblems.

$20. each

Worthy Patron/Past Patron Ties

Our beautiful NEW tie for all Worthy Patrons and Past Patrons. 100% polyester. Great embroidered emblem.

$20. each



O.E.S. Ties


Made of 100% polyester with  Silk-screened star imprints. Great to wear anywere. Your choice of black or white.


$12. each


Masonic Ties


A  beautiful   new selection of  Masonic ties. All made of 100% polyester in true Masonic colors. A good selection .Wear anywhere – lodge, church  or even ‘out to dinner’. Show off your colors!  Who knows, maybe  someone will see it and want  to wear one just like it, and you can give  him a  petition!  Your choice.


$12. each

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