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Happy Star

The second pin in the "Easter Star Trilogy".

Designed by Sara Quinby and made for Happy Glass by Kirks Folly Jewelry Co., the "Happy Star" is available in your choice of shiny gold, shiny silver, on antique silver (shown).

Gift boxed.

Price:$ 50.00

    The Happy Star brings us 'out of the closet'. It's time to show the world that our STAR is a good star; it is the brightest star in the whole universe because it was our STAR that led the Wisemen to the manger where Jesus was born. Wise men & women still follow that STAR today.

The Story of The Happy Star

I love Eastern Star! For almost 40 years it has been a very big part of my life. In 1964, when I was initiated, I chose to follow His Star. I have tried to lead every day of my life guided by the principles taught by the heroines of our Order. Sometimes someone will see the ring I wear, a pin, or an emblem on my car, and they ask me "What is Eastern Star"? My Mother (Grandmother, Aunt, neighbor) used to belong to that".

Often they will see my star and ask me, "why does it point down"? A five-pointed star with one point down has long been associated with the occult. People who practice the occult believe the two points up represent the horns and the one piont down the beard and - so to them the star forms the shape of "the devil's head". Have you ever been asked this question? What do you say? Nothing could be farther from the truth! Do you tell them our star is the most beautiful Star in the firmament? When we look up at the eastern sky we can see our Star shining the brightest. Do you answer the question and say, "our Star points down because it was the Star in the east that led the three Kings to the manger where the baby Jesus was born." In Matthew 2:2 we read "for we have see His Star in the east, and have come to worship him".

When you look at our new Star pin, it will be the face in the center of the Star that will attract your attention. The face is carved quartz. It is made in Austria. It has a beautiful aurora borealis finish that is fired to the crystal. It is the finish that causes the expressions on the face to change before your eyes. Move the pin from side to side and you'll see different facial expressions. My favorite is the beautiful SMILE! My Star is telling the entire world "I am a HAPPY STAR! I'm the Star the three Kings followed in search of the newborn King. I showed them the way through the dark night. I am the Eastern Star."

The beautiful face is surrounded by Swarovski crystals that sparkle and shine and show the world that as members of the Order of the Eastern Star we are to "twinkle". The lovely emblems that dangle beneath the Star remind us of the lessons taught to us by the heroines of our Order. We should strive to emulate the virtues of these women and live our lives with Fidelity, Constancy, Loyalty, Faith and Love. We hear the lesson of Electa, our mother point, as taken from the Second Epistle of John, which teaches us to "Love One Another".

Wear your beautiful pin with pride in our Order, and now when someone asks you why one point is down, tell them "MY STAR is the Eastern star. It points to the manger where the baby Jesus was born, and MY Star is a Happy Star because it led the Kings to the manger."

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