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Eastern Star Reading

Legacy of LOVE


     The absolute newest and BEST Guidebook for Worthy Matrons

Our own Happy Glass original
written by
Sara Quinby, P.M.

100 pages full of NEW ideas

Order of Business
Fund Raisers
OES counted cross patterns
Hints on “How to Preside”

Terrific for ‘first-timers’
Great for ‘re-treads’

Comes inside a lovely white vinyl binder
Especially designed to fit the pages.
Easy to carry
Easy to lay flat on your pedestal

Introductory Price - $30. for the set
Includes Book and binder


Symbolism – Symbols, emblems, terms and all the wonderful stories we enjoy hearing over and over again. A terrific book for O.E.S. information. A must for all!
Hard cover, 201 pages     $20. each
Gathered Memories - Five skilled OES Sisters wrote this wonderful book just filled with many short ceremonies. Ceremonies that Honor the Retiring Worthy Matron and Worthy Patron, Worthy Matrons, Starpoints, Advance and Step-up Night, Chapter Birthdays, Past Matrons and Past Patrons, Grand Officers and More! Very helpful for ‘newby Worthy Matrons’
Hard Cover, 152 pages     $12. each
One Little Candle – Sister Ruth Bevell, P.G.M. once again has written a book to help Worthy Matrons. Just chock full of ideas for Addresses, Presentations, Ceremonies, Honor Nights , Memorials and much more. One of my own ‘personal favorites’. I know you will enjoy reading ‘One Little Candle’.
Soft Cover, 194 pages     $14. each
100 Short Prayers – Sister May Stafford Hilburn wrote this fine book especially for organizations. Prayers for Installations, Banquets, Dinners, Dedications, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, the Sick, and more.
Soft Cover, 100 pages     $10. each
Sheaves of Friendship – Sister Ruth Bevell, P.G.M. once again has given us another book of inspirational talks on a variety of topics. There’s space for you to record your officer’s signatures and your own personal thoughts on the ceremonies you used. 42 great topics will surely help you to become a good speaker.
Hard Cover, 256 pages     $12. each
What to Say – 325 different greetings and 10 ceremonies will help you with Installation Addendas, Honor Nights for 25 and 50 year members, Honor Rainbow Night, Honor our District Deputy, Friendship Night and more. Very helpful in finding just the ‘right words’ to say.
Soft Cover, 154 pages     $15. each
The 2nd Mile – You will surely want to go that second mile after you read Sister Sarah H. Terry’s book. Very useful for individuals, Eastern Star study groups, and any member who wants to learn more about our symbolism and ritual.
Soft Cover, 88 pages     $9. each
Golden Tributes – Sister Mary Stafford Hilburn once again offers us 96 Ceremonies, Poems, Greetings, Ideas, Welcomes and many terrific tributes.
Soft Cover, 304 pages     $15. each
Gems of Thought - “Gems of Thought for Fraternal Speakers in Poetry and Prose”. One of the absolute best books ever assembled for a fraternal officer. Installation speeches, Welcomes, Presentations, Farewell Addresses, Good of the Order, Love & Service, Memorials, and lots of Ceremonies. Another personal favorite of mine.
Hard Cover, 183 pages     $15. each
The Eastern Star The Evolution from a Rite to an Order – Brother Harold Voorhis gives us insight into the lives of Rob Morris and Robert Macoy. Many interesting and little known facts about the men who founded our beautiful Order of the Eastern Star.
Hard Cover, 138 pages     $20. each
All of the Women of the Bible - Over 300 biographies of saints, sorceresses, mothers, wives, queens and daughters of the Bible. The famous and the infamous will come alive for you in one of the best books ever written on the women of the Bible.
Soft Cover, 432 pages     $25. each

Family Bible - Beautiful King James version of the Holy Bible. In white leatherette, stamped in gold with the O.E.S. emblem. Features include a presentation page, a family record page, Bible dictionary, colored atlas and full color illustrations. Size 11” x 9” x 2”. If used as an altar Bible, you may want to add pages for Past Matrons and Patrons to sign.
Hard Cover, 640 pages     $50. each
  Candidate Bibles  $9. each
  Say It Graciously  $8. each
  Love is the Key  $9. each
OES Embroidered Bookmarks – Beautiful colorful embroidered bookmarks. 8”x 2”. Good for gifts.    $3. each

O.E.S. and Masonic Bookmarks

Beautifully reproduced Eastern Star and Masonic Bookmarks. Originally these were made on embroidered silk ribbons. Great for small gifts for sisters or brothers.$2.00  each

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