Order of the Amaranth

For many years we have enjoyed meeting and greeting many of you
at your state conventions and at Supreme Council.

Happy Glass offers the largest selection of Amaranth jewelry & supplies that you will find on the web. We are indeed very proud of our new web page and we hope you will enjoy browsing and shopping at your leisure.

Order of the Amaranth Fine Jewelry
PRM and Member RINGS

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Stock #200

Small dainty Amaranth ring.
10K yellow gold, red enamel in crown. PRM gavels on each side of the shank.

$ Please call

Stock #191

Beautiful black onyx ring.
10K yellow gold. Red enamel in crown.

$ Please call





Stock #190

Gold Amaranth emblem on top of a synthetic blue sapphire stone.

$ Please call

Stock #192A

Unusual setting. Gold Amaranth emblem on a square synthetic ruby stone. 10K yellow gold.

$ Please call





Stock #195

A real knockout! Great for A pointer finger ring. 14K yellow gold. A fantastic Amaranth emblem set on a Black onyx stone. A diamond set in the top of the crown and 8 genuine rubies set in the crown. Gavel at bottom.

$ Please call

Stock #193

Unusual Amaranth emblem in an east/west setting. 10K yellow gold with a 10K white gold crown. 6 genuine rubies set in the crown. The gavels are on the side shanks.

$ Please call





Stock #197

14K yellow gold Black onyx set in a cat eye setting. No gavels on this ring. O of A is engraved on each side shank.

$ Please call

Stock # _____

Outstanding PRM ring. 14K yellow gold. 7 diamonds set in the crown. The gavel is at the bottom.

$ Please call





Stock #194

Large ring. 10K yellow gold Amaranth emblem set on black onyx stone. Cubic Zirconia set at top of crown.

Shown without gavels.

$ Please call

Stock #903A

Our own Original design. 10K yellow gold navette setting. Great filigree work. Designed to create an illusion of a long slender finger! 15 beautiful diamonds complete the setting. The gavel is at the bottom.

$ Please call


Jewels and Pins for Past Officers

We are very pleased to offer you our collection of PRM and PRP jewels and pins. Any of these jewels may be made as either PRM or PRM simply by exchanging the emblems. The gavel denotes Past Royal Matron and the Square & Compasses denotes Past Royal Patron. All of our jewels and pins are suitable for engraving. These jewels may be customized especially for you. You may choose either yellow gold or white gold, genuine stones or cubic zirconias (Call for special prices)

STOCK #230

Lovely gold-filled past officer pin. Approx. 2" in length.. Gold filled

$ Please call

STOCK #231

Petite jewel only 1" in length. Gold filled

$ Please call


STOCK #361
Beautiful Past Royal Matron Jewel
may be worn either as a pin or a pendant. Swivel bale on top converts the pin. Large 1" in diameter with diamond set in star on top and pearls in the crown.

Available only in 14K gold. $ Please call

(Call for special $ quote for all diamonds).


Striking in both yellow gold with a white gold crown and sword. 1 & ¾" in length

$ Please call



Special thanks to H.L. Peggy Ball, P.G.R.M. of Florida Grand Court for designing this very special Past Grand Royal Matrons Jewel for us. We love it and we're sure you will too! Available in 14K gold this may be worn either as a pin or as a pendant. The crossed gavels below the jewel denote ˜Past Grand Royal Matron". As shown with diamonds and rubies

$ Please call

STOCK #359

Fantastic 14K Gold Past Royal Matron Jewel
Swivel bale at the top enables you to wear this as either a pin or a pendant. We used cubic zirconias in this piece to keep the price down. As shown

$ Please call

(Call for a $ quote for diamonds)


Past Royal Matron Pin

Available in gold tone only. 3/4" in diameter with an attached gavel guard. Comes in a plastic box.


Past Royal Matron & Past Royal Patron Pins #P2692

Our most popular inexpensive pins. Completely set in beautiful crystals the pins are available in your choice of either gold or silver tone and in PRM or PRP.



Past Royal Matron & Past Royal Patron Pins #2690

Same as Pins #2692 except there are no crystals in the top bar.


Past Royal Matron Pin #2369/F1

Your choice of either gold or silver tone. The gavel dangles beneath this lovely crystal set pin.



Past Royal Matron Pin #3653.

1" in diameter. Your choice of either gold or silver tone in PRM only. The gavel is very visible on the top of the pin. All crystal set.


Past Royal Matron Pin #2369.

This 1" diameter, crystal set pin is available in your choice of either gold or silver tone. PRM only.



Wonderful earrings that match PRM Pin #2369.

All crystal set, they're available in your choice of either gold or silver tone. Please specify either clip or pierced.


Pin #3486 has been designed for those members who are "Past" in both Amaranth and Eastern Star.

Set in colorful crystals this pin is available in your choice of either gold or silver tone.




Jewelry for All Members

Pin #2369

1" in diameter all crystal set in your choice of either gold or silver one.


A great compliment to pin #2369

Crystal set in your choice of either gold or silver tone. Please specify clip or pierced.



Fun ring #2369

Sparkles plenty with set crystals. 3/4" in diameter. Fun on a pointer finger. The ring is available in your choice of gold or silver tone. Adjustable.


Large lovely pin #2989

Great for suit or coat jackets. A big 2 1/4"wide x 2 1/4"high. Crystal set. Silver tone crown with gold tone contrasting sword.



Pin #3411

Wonderful pin designed to show your membership both in the Order of the Amaranth and the Order of the Eastern Star. Colorful crystals.


Our beautiful "Amaranth Angel" pin #2683/F33

Crystals set in the angels’ wings. Available in your choice of either gold or silver tone.



25 & 50 year pins

Each pin is 3/4 in diameter and comes in a plastic box ready for presentation.


25 & 50 year pins

Each pin is 3/4" long. Crystals are set around the Amaranthine wreath. Each pin comes in a small plastic box ready for presentation.



Amaranth Charm

¾" in diameter. Silver only. Wear either as a charm or small pendant. Comes boxed.


Watch charm

3/8" in diameter. Silver only. Attach to your watchband.



Crown pin #2175

Radiant crystal set pin that is slightly domed to give it dimension.

1 3/8" wide & 1" high.


Wonderful crown pin #1260

Crystal set and domed high to give it a 3D effect. One of our prettiest pins is available in your choice of either gold or silver tone.



Terrific crown earrings #E2175.

A great match to Pin #2175 (above).

Please specify either gold or silver tone and

either clip or pierced.


Fantastic dangle earrings #3583/F33

All crystal set in your choice of either gold or silver tone.

Please specify clip or pierced.



A lovely large necklace pendant #N2369.

Available in your choice of either gold or silver tone.

20" chain.


Amaranth Flag Pin

Enameled American Flag pin suitable for all Amaranth members.

$5. each

Inquire for Fund-raising


Amaranth Member Pin

Colorful enamel pin of the Amaranth emblem.

$5. each

Amaranth 25 Year Pin

Colorful enamel Amaranth pin to honor and recognize  our  25 year members.

$5. each


Amaranth 50 Year Pin

Colorful enamel Amaranth pin to honor and  recognize our 50 year members.

$5. each

Reproduction OES and Amaranth Pin

We reproduced an old Eastern Star/ Amaranth pin dating circa 1900 to make this unique pin.  Very different.

$5. each


Star & Amaranth Pin

Beautiful enamel pin depicting membership in both the Order of the Amaranth and the  Order of the Eastern Star.

$5. each

Amaranth & Masonic Pin

It is through our affiliation to a Mason that we can become members in the Order of the Amaranth.

$5. each


Amaranth in my Heart Pin

Beautiful enamel pin.

$5. each

Crown Pin

Jeweled CROWN pin for all our Amaranth Honor Ladies

$8. each



AMARANTH Supplies & Gifts

Iron on. No sewing needed. Use on any smooth cloth surface. Hats, jackets, totes, etc.
Amaranth emblem patch

$5. each




Gentlemen's Accessories

Auto Emblem 
Baked on enamel. Pressure backed. Press onto car bumper.

$4. each or 4 for $15.

Amaranth Fights Diabetes Auto Emblem
Show our purpose to wipe out This dread disease.
$4. each or 4 for $15.
Mix and Match any auto emblems


Amaranth Tail-light Emblems 
Our own design. Simply peel off the backing and run the Amaranth emblem onto the tail-light on your car.

$3. each or 2 for $5.

Inquire  for

Jeweled Lapel Saver
Hold your flowers on your lapels with no more HOLES! Beautiful jeweled Amaranth emblem.

$10. each


Sunburst Lapel Saver
Colorful Amaranth emblem on This lapel saver.

$10. each

Black Onyx Cuff Links
Stunning black onyx cuff links for ‘french cuffs’

$25. set


Sunburst Cuff Links
Attractive cuff links with colorful enamel Amaranth emblem. For ‘french cuffs”

$20. set

Formal Shirt Studs
Colorful enamel Amaranth emblem.

$30. set of 4  studs


Formal Shirt Studs
Lovely small gold tone  Amaranth emblem.

$30. set of 4 studs

Button Covers
Change a dress shirt into a ‘formal looking shirt’ Just by slipping these covers over the buttons. Gold tone.

$30. set of 5 covers


Enamel Button Covers
Give an ordinary dress shirt the look of a formal shirt by slipping these  colorful enamel covers over the buttons.

$30. set of 5 covers


Pocket Hankies
Use this clever ‘folded’ hankies in your  tux pocket. Be neat.

$3. each or 2 for $5.

Black satin cummerbunds with beautiful embroidered Amaranth emblem.

$30. Regular size 40/42
$35. Big Boy 42/46


Eagle Tie
Beautiful 100% polyester men’s tie. Beautiful American eagle with embroidered Amaranth emblem.

$20. each

Formal Cravat Tie
Handmade gentleman’s cravat tie with embroidered Amaranth emblem. Velcro closing in back.

$30. each


Pocket Savers
Protect your lapels from unsightly holes. Magnetic closure. Choice of either black or white.

$4. each 

Men’s Gloves
Use for all required ceremonials. Specify either Large or X-large

$10. Nylon gloves
$ 8. Cotton gloves





'The Honor of the Accolade'™

Each of us who has received the degrees of the Order of the Amaranth is entitled to wear this beautiful pin that is symbolic of our Order. When we knelt before the throne we received "the Honor of the Accolade"™.

We wear the pin on our right shoulder to always remind us of the right hand of friendship the Royal Matron extended to us as she welcomed us into the court. She used her right hand to bestow this honor upon us. We touch our right shoulder when we use the public sign of salutation to members of the Order we hold in high esteem. We hold our right hand over our heart when we pledge allegiance to the Flag, the emblem of our free nation.

On the handle of the sword you will notice three sparkling Swarovski crystals which represent the "Three Great Lights"™ of Freemasonry. These crystals remind us that it was our relationship to a Master Mason which gave us our affiliation to join the Order of the Amaranth. We are also reminded of the three great celestial orbs, the sun, the moon and the stars; the three great elements, earth, wind and fire. The pin is approximately 4" long.

The Amaranthine wreath, the never-ending circle, dangles from the scabbard to catch the light. "The Honor of the Accolade"™ pin is a "Happy Glass"™ original designed especially for you by Sara.

$35. each NOW $20 each!

˜My KNIGHT in Shiny Armor"™

"Sir Knight"™

Once upon a time long ago when fair maidens lived in castles and fierce dragons and mean giants lurked in the woods, brave Knights protected the land. They rode on beautiful white horses and often carried the fair maidens colors into battle.

The Knights were easily recognized by the coat of arms on their shields. My "Knight"™ carries a beautiful shield which has ‘the all seeing eye, an emblem of Freemasonry on it. It represents the watchful and protective care of the Supreme Being, the Great Architect of the Universe. Atop the staff you'll see a small white dove the symbol of peace. The Amaranthine wreath above his shield proclaims to all that he is the protector of our Order. He is indeed our "˜Sir Knight"™. He is pure in heart and by far the bravest knight of all. We put our trust in him knowing he will defend our honor and keep us safe from all evil giants and fire-breathing dragons.

˜The Sir Knight™ pin is a beautiful pin to give or wear yourself. The pin is approximately 3" high. His "suit of armor" is encrusted with Swarovski crystals. The "Sir Knight"™ pin is a ˜Happy Glass"™ original, designed especially for you by Sara.

$35. each NOW $20 each!